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Kerb Stone Shortcut!

Do not take short cuts over kerb stones!

The Best Bike Pick Up

The best delivery/collection service for bikes in the U.K. [Darren also does Funerals.]

My Rear Brake isn’t Working!

Well here we go again. Pads worn to metal, destroyed pistons (ie. melted, destroyed disc) and the owner wonders why the rear brake has stopped working.

Triumph America front disc and pads

Triumph America front disc and pads… It is good idea to replace brake pads,before its metal to metal!

Italian Perfection

Italian perfection – can you guess which bike this is?

Instant Gasket

This is the oil filter from a Triumph T140V… please, please do not use Instant Gasket. The results are not printable!  

Unleaded Petrol

The problem with unleaded petrol!